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Is it really worth to be a DJ?

The profession you can’t wait another minute to get in and always dream about ?

How will all that time and effort you spend return back to you ?

Are you really gonna be a good DJ ?

Is it easy to learn DJ’ing ?

Here is the answer to all those questions ..

As a professional DJ with almost 10 years of experience, I must tell you that passion and desire for music is the beginning of everything in this business.

There are many advantages, also disadvantages as well in this future promising, dream hunting job.

First of all, nothing in this world gives a better feeling than doing what you love for a living. Making good money with it is another delight.

DJing is not a normal job like any other. You’re there to entertain and work while people get entertained. Which means an opposite life style.

Your busiest work days are mostly weekends which others are highly active socializing and going out partying.

Unfortunately you miss the party 🙂

Before you start making your way in, you must decide about this : ” Do I like entertaining or being entertained ?”

Why this question ?

The moment you step into the world of DJing, your entertainment mentality and perspective will start changing.

That’s why.

All those parties and clubbing nights you used to have a blast until morning hours will begin meaning different to you.

You will feel lonely, naked and weird outside the DJ booth !

Every song played, every transition made, there will be critics in your head screaming, ” not the time for this song, not a good transition “. All you focus will be the DJ and music, nothing else.

YOU will wanna be up there spinning all night long.

A bad feeling …

Instead of spending time on the dance floor or at the bar having drinks, you will be around the DJ, wanna introduce yourself, tell him you are also a DJ and advise him of songs you prefer to be played (I did it a lot, that’s how I know).

If the guy is not too friendly to your approach as expected, he will kindly refuse your company and this will demoralize you. Bitter truth 🙂


Let’s say you are the DJ that night ..

If it’s a night club you are spinning at, expect a 6 hour gig roughly.

6+ hours on foot ! Beware. At the end of the night, you will want to “SIT” !

You should be there at least one hour before the night starts. Setup gear, check sound, relax, concentrate etc.

Of course, you should prepare your set the day before you get there. It’s to your benefit.

Wondering “What should I play next” will really stress you out all night.

On a club gig, keep in mind that you will play about 120 songs with 3 min. average per song.

A good DJ never plays the entire song or a remix. That’s the rule. You should jump to the next one at most in 3 minutes.

When the night ends, everybody will leave, you are still there.

Pack your setup, catch your breath, get paid, etc..

Meanwhile, your friends would already be after party dining somewhere in the city 🙂

You are home with the first lights of a new day.

And you become a Zombie for the next day 🙂

All these are the little sweet difficulties of your dream job.

As I mentioned before, If you are passionate enough about music and DJing, It’s not an issue to get over all the hardship in this profession.

Now, let’s come to the bright side of it ..

You’re not bounded to boring office environments and those killing work hours.

No jacket and tie !

Most of your work is about 2-3 days a week. The rest is all yours.

You have the opportunity to take care of your own stuff on week days.

Your work environment is all about fun and having good time and it gives you positive energy.

There are always nicely dressed and good-looking people around you who are in their “best” state.

When you become a more experienced DJ in time, you get more relaxed and confident with full control on the decks at your gigs and start having fun like your audience too.


Cover fees at clubs, waiting in line and paying for drinks will be history for you 🙂

You will be popular ! People will be around and try to hang with you, especially hot chicks !!


Now sit tight … I will tell you the BEST SIDE of being a DJ:

This job will pump up your leadership egos really high, cause that’s exactly what you’ll be doing !

Hundreds, even thousands of eyes will be on you while you spin your tunes. They will do whatever you tell them to.

You will play a song, they will jump and scream for joy..

Another one will take them to a whole new world .. Maybe they will cry for the next, who knows..

With your music, they will all be happy campers at the end of the night.

If you’re a good DJ, you will realize how valuable and essential your job is for the night life with all the smiles, thank you’s and happy eyes heading on you.

Bartenders, waiters and waitresses will be earning more and more if you perform good. The reason is, quality music makes people drink and spend money, tip more and thankfully they don’t really know how much is gone 🙂

Besides what club pays you for the night, you’ll be making extra cash in the booth most cases.

How ? (I’ve seen it a lot)

Guests will come and pay you for request songs. Not a joke !

I saw guys dropping 100 bucks on the decks for a single song.

Always keep in mind that people will be watching you. God knows who is there ??

They will ask for your business card or phone number.

Few days later, they will call you and ask if you can DJ for them privately.

Here we go .. Again extra cash ! This time, much more than you make at the club ..


DJing business surely has many other pros and cons which I did not include in this article.

No matter what, Always remember that it is a different life style. Experience and passion for music will surely get you up to the top.

Now, tell me .. Is it worth to be a DJ or not ?


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