3 Essential Steps To Protect Your DJ ControllerHow much did you spend for your DJ equipment ? Hundreds ? Thousands ? I bet, the second. Investing a bulky amount of money in your DJ gear naturally requires you to protect it so that it lasts long without getting damaged.

Never say nothing happens to your DJ gear during a gig. ” I am confident that I can secure everything in the booth “. No such thing my dear. The very least expected happens when you are not there, even when you are. Not only during the gig, you can easily damage your stuff also in transit. DJ equipment is delicate and can not be exposed to severe conditions.

In this article, I will tell you about three basic and essential steps you can take to make sure your DJ controller stays safe and sound. Do these and your gear is ninety percent safe, I guarantee.



Get A Case For Your DJ Controller


Whether a soft or hard (flight) case, it is absolutely necessary to carry your controller secured. The worst possible damage can occur while carrying it. There are sensitive and fragile knobs, buttons and sliders on the device and you don’t wanna break any of them. Especially, if you also set up your own sound and lighting systems, it means you carry a tone of heavy pieces which can easily crash your DJ controller in a heart beat.

The biggest advantage of a carrying case is the padding inside it. Made of foam or sponge. Even if it is loose inside, no harm or damage on your controller. It also protects your gear from sunlight, rain or humidity. I would recommend Magma soft cases for almost every make and model or Odyssey flight cases for long distance transportation.



Secure Your Cables


A loose cable on the floor or hanging from your DJ controller is as dangerous as crashing it with a hammer. Your setup is connected to power outlet and the sound system with cables that need to be long enough to reach everywhere in the booth. Do not go for short ones. Always have extra length on all your cables. You never know where you need to place your stuff, might not always be close.

Imagine the power cable laying on the floor and somebody trips over it. Your laptop, controller, headphones, basically all your DJ setup would be dragged down from the table. Music cuts off, controller casing cracks, laptop is smashed. To avoid all these, simply carry a duct tape in your bag and secure your cords and cables on the ground or the table right after you complete setting up. Do not let any wire be on the way. Trust me, this is life saving !



Keep Drinks Away


Liquid kills your DJ controller and your laptop ! They must be dry and stay that way. Never place your drinks near your DJ gear. You or somebody else in the booth can knock it over your DJ control device and it’s done. Irreversible damage ! Best way to do it is keeping your glass as far as possible, for example the other end of the surface your DJ setup is placed. Even on the floor.


These three steps are for keeping your expensive DJ controller covered, secured and dry. I told you, follow them and your equipment is 90% safe. The other ten are when it gets stolen 🙂




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