Worldwide DJ School / Class / Course Listings



DJ Academy New Jersey                               Union, NJ USA

In The Mix DJ School                                     Belleville, NJ USA

DJ School NYC                                                 New York, NY USA

Dubspot                                                             New York, NY  USA

More Than Music DJ Institute                      Philadelphia, PA USA

Scratch DJ Academy                                       New York / Los Angeles / Miami USA

Fame DJ School                                                Pinellas Park, FL USA

Institute of Digital Music                                 Atlanta, GA USA

Connections Entertainment                            Marietta, GA USA

Beat Refinery                                                    Washington DC USA

Fundamentals DJ Academy                San Diego, CA USA

Platinum Mixlab                                                Portland, OR USA

Music Industry Workshop                              Chicago, IL USA

The DJ School / Skokie                                    Skokie, IL USA

Dub Academy                                                    Austin, TX USA

DJ Mix School                                                    Tucson, AZ USA

Global DJ Academy                                          Denver, CO USA

Omaha DJ Academy                                        Omaha, NE USA

DFW DJ School                                               Fort Worth, TX USA


The Noize Factory                           Toronto CANADA

Off Centre DJ School                      Toronto CANADA

Canada Music Academy                Toronto CANADA

Scrartch Lab DJ Institute             Totonto CANADA

Trebas Institute                                Montreal / Toronto CANADA

DJ School Montreal                        Montreal CANADA

School of Remix                              Vancouver CANADA

Voxbox Studios                               Calgary / Vancouver CANADA

School of Spin                                   London CANADA


DJ’s School                               MEXICO


DJ School Chile                         Santiago CHILE


Digital DJ                                    Bogotá COLOMBIA



London Sound Academy                 London UK

Point Blank                                         London UK

Sub Bass                                              London UK

London AMP                                       London UK

Manchester MIDI School                 Manchester UK

The DJ School                                    Chesterfield UK

DJ Academy                                       Holsworthy UK

DJ School                                            Stoke-on-Trent UK

Kent DJ Academy                             Maidstone UK

DBS Music                                          Bristol / Cornwall / Plymouth UK


Pioneer DJ School                       Amsterdam / Amersfoort NETHERLANDS

DJ School Utrecht                       Utrecht NETHERLANDS

DJ School                                      Ransdaal NETHERLANDS


The DJ School                               Dublin IRELAND

Young DJ Academy                     Dublin IRELAND

Secret School of Sound                Dublin IRELAND

Star DJ’s                                         Dublin IRELAND


DJ Academy                                  Beringen SWITZERLAND


Studio 2 DJ Academy                  Oslo NORWAY


DJ School                                     Rome ITALY

Recreative 12                                Milan ITALY


Academix DJ School                    Brussels BELGIUM


Vibra School of DJ’ing                  20 Locations GERMANY


DJ Video Egitim Seti                      TURKEY Online

DBS Turkiye                                   Istanbul TURKEY

Echo Muzik                                     Istanbul TURKEY

Pioneer Pro DJ Academy                Izmir TURKEY

Izmir Coast                                      Izmir TURKEY

DjStore                                             Izmir TURKEY

Cat Production                                 Izmir TURKEY

Hey DJ                                             Izmir TURKEY



Spin Gurus                                                 New Delhi INDIA

Electronyk Academy                                  New Delhi INDIA

ILM Academy                                             New Delhi / Bangalore INDIA

Scratchz DJ Academy                               Bangalore INDIA

The Pro DJ School                                    Borivali INDIA

Splinters DJ School                                   Mumbai / Kalyan INDIA


TWOFOLD                                     SINGAPORE

E-TracX                                          SINGAPORE

SAE Institute                                 SINGAPORE


The DJ Academy                             Polhengoda SRI LANKA


Per-vurt DJ School                          Beirut LEBANON

DJ School                                           LEBANON



DJ Mix Club                                      Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA

Vinyl Joint DJ School                       Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA

Soul Candi Ins. of Music                  Johannesburg / Cape Town / Corlett Drive

Mix Master DJ School                     Johannesburg / Roodepoort / Gauteng / Florida

Urban Music Institute                     Gauteng SOUTH AFRICA

Fabulush DJ School                          Centurion SOUTH AFRICA

Miss Red’s DJ Academy                  Sandton SOUTH AFRICA

SMIX DJ Academy                           Kwa-Zulu Natal SOUTH AFRICA


Supremacy Sounds                          Nairobi KENYA



Australian DJ Academy                                Adelaide AUSTRALIA

United DJ Mixing School                               AUSTRALIA

Lightsounds DJ Academy                             Sydney / Melbourne AUSTRALIA

4Sound DJ School                                         Canberra AUSTRALIA

Nu Skool DJ Academy                                  Northbridge AUSTRALIA

Degraaf DJ School                                         Perth AUSTRALIA


CanTeen DJ School                          Auckland NEW ZEALAND

MAINZ                                              Auckland NEW ZEALAND


DJ4LIFE Academy                        Worldwide

If you know a DJ course or class which is NOT on our list, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to add it.

Keep in mind, organizations without a web page and location information will not be added to our database.

Some Headlines From Our Website

Do You Really Need A Huge Music Library ?

What do you think about how large your DJ music library should be ? Do you really need to squeeze every bit of music in it ? Does it have to contain thousands of songs from every genre ? You’ll find  the answer and my approach to this subject in this article.

My First DJ Gig

Here is the story of how I began DJ’ing and my first gig in public. I wrote about it, because it may be a good example to most beginners about what they might face with and how they should handle their first performance.

Being A Real DJ With Digital Equipment

Does today’s digital gear make DJs look lazy and boring ? If right, then why? What should you do to create better mixes and entertain your audience ? Read this article to find out what I recommend all digital DJs for a better and more creative performance behind the decks.

5 Things A DJ Should Keep Handy

Things happen during a DJ gig and they’re unexpected. Your regular gear may not be enough to get through the whole night. I listed 5 essential pieces a DJ definitely needs to keep nearby. Read this post to find out what they are and why you should need them everywhere you go.

How To Adjust Your DJ Set-up Volume

No matter how good your music is, it does not please your crowd unless you have a clear and high quality sound coming out of those speakers. What is the best way to adjust your system volume settings to optimize the quality of sound and music ? I explained it in this article.

Is It OK To Change Tempo And Genre When DJ’ing ?

You may, in fact you definitely have your own DJ’ing style and stick with a certain genre on your gigs. Maybe not. Do you think it is OK to change the genre right in the middle of the night ? Or the music tempo ? How would your crowd react to that ? Read this article explaining what happens when you do it and why should or not change tempo and genre.

How To Back-up Your Digital DJ Setup

You always face the risk of equipment failure when DJ’ing with digital gear. It might be a problem with your laptop or software. Digital DJs are always advised to back up their system. In this article, I explain what those options are why you should have them.

Should A DJ Take Requests ?

Whole purpose of being a DJ is to entertain audience. Honoring requests is a part of it. Here is the question: When and under what circumstances should you accept song requests from guests ? Read this article to find out.

How Many Songs Should A DJ Have ?

Stuff up your music library with everything ! Download whatever you get. No no no ! Do you know how many tracks you need for a regular DJ gig ? tens, hundreds ? take a look at this post telling you how much you need to play and the maximum number of songs to keep for your gig.

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