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The best way to find out if you can be a DJ is …


It all depends on how much desire and passion you have in music and being a DJ.You may want to be a club,wedding or even a bedroom DJ, it really doesn’t matter. Willing to learn, spending time on it, practicing and getting professional training are the most valuable factors of the quality skills you will earn in this business. More you educate yourself, better you get DJing in much shorter time you think and expect. The truth is, you need some time to be a pro, but it’s well worth and future promising.

When you first step into the world of DJ‘ing, most probably it will be a part-time occupation for you as a beginner. Try to spare as much time as possible to work on spinning tunes and getting used to the hardware and software you’re in control. This is the first step for you to get over in order to focus on the music. There won’t be any time on a real gig to experiment your tools and try to find out.

A key element for being a good DJ is keeping your music library up to date and playing different sets all the time, especially if it’s a regular gig at a venue. People prefer hanging out at certain bars or clubs just because they like the DJ’s style. They feel more comfortable with the place, the staff and they definitely know they will get the music they want. You, as a DJ may get along with playing the same tunes in a row, maybe twice, no more than that. After that, customers will take business somewhere else. This doesn’t mean different songs are needed each gig. Try to have variations of your sets with changing genres and the music tempo depending on the mood. Follow the trend and always have the hottest songs and remixes in your archive.

Preparing your sets for the night before you go there will make things much easier for you. Digital DJing gives you the opportunity to make and save playlists on your software, so you can reach those tunes in no time while spinning.

Once you get familiar with all the gadgets and widgets on your equipment and have some experience reading the crowd on the dance floor, they will feel your confidence and vibe in the DJ booth and that’s when you rock it !

A wise club owner says, “I have my DJ have couple drinks before the gig, so he/she loosens up and performs better”. Always be cool and don’t get nervous in the booth. Keep in mind, every single eye will be on you. Your mood is theirs.

The question was if DJing is easy or not. Being a good DJ takes time and it’s not that easy but passion and love for music and professional training from the best hands will do it.

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