Do You Have To Beatmix All Night Long ?In order to have a successful gig, you as a DJ need to know what to play, when to play and how to switch between genres and tempo. These are all essential parts of a professional DJ performance. The amount of beat mixing is also crucial for a great DJ gig and we’re gonna talk about it today.

There is no rule saying that a DJ plays the same tempo by beat mixing throughout an event, actually he shouldn’t. It is always healthy to change the rhythm from time to time. The reason is that human brain starts not responding to a routine after a certain time. Constant tempo and genre kills the vibe in the room.

Not only the brain, but also the body loses energy and gets tired of making the same moves. A smart DJ senses these changes and jumps to a totally different scene in periods during the night (or day).


How Do I Change Tempo ?


You may question how you would make a transition from high tempo to low. ” There is no way I can mix a 130 bpm song with 65 “. I hear you. Well, you don’t have to. There are different techniques for handling switches for dramatic tempo changes and believe me, they work pretty well with your crowd. Nobody would react negatively to such a change. For example, you can apply an effect like echo or turntable, fade the track out and start the next song with a good cue point. This is one of my favorites 🙂

One thing I need to remind you about tempo change; definitely pick a hit, hot and popular track when you jump to a different tempo so that it would pump up the energy level and please your crowd.

Bars and clubs need to make money, therefore they need to sell drinks. By keeping music constantly at the same tempo, you don’t give your crowd a chance to take a breath and have a drink, chat a little bit with friends. Different genres and tempo at your party or gig would also provide this opportunity. Some keep dancing and some leave the floor for a little break.

Your best and most important business card is how you manage your DJ’ing and the music you select to play. Do these right and get more and more gigs by advertising yourself to your audience with these successful tactics.




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