The answer to the question in the title is a “DJ Drop”.

Professional DJs, especially the ones producing their own mixes have a DJ drop to use in their sets or remixes.

You can have a DJ drop too even if it is not meant for professional use.

A DJ drop is a good and effective way to get your name out there with your DJ sets and even remixes.

How do you get or make a DJ drop ? Let’s take a look.

Do it yourself. There are free audio editing programs like Audacity. Download it and record your drop yourself or have a friend with a nicer voice do it for you.

It may be something like “DJ …. In The Mix” or anything you like. Make sure your DJ name is in it.

You can apply sound effects on it like delay or reverb which I recommend. If you are an expert in audio editing, I’m sure you’ll create a great one.

Finally, save it as a wav or mp3 file.

In order to use your DJ drop, you can either load it up to your DJ software as a sample and trigger it as necessary, or place it on your DJ set audio file and save.

Another way of getting a really nice DJ drop is hiring services specialized in it. It shouldn’t cost you a lot.

Third option is using a free text to speech program. Just search on Google, you’ll find many like YAKiToMe. Once you create and save the file in your desired format, again use Audacity to apply your effects.

In my DJ mix sets, I usually place the DJ drop at the beginning, before first song rolls in.

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