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This post is intended mostly for beginner DJs, as veterans somehow found their ways in I suppose.

One of the most important decisions you should make before being a DJ is what equipment you will have and use.

Since you need to have a budget for your tools to DJ and it’s not like buying candies from the corner store, it is crucial that you search and make up your mind about how to prepare your setup and database.

There is a huge competition in the market between companies releasing a new product almost every single day. So it gets really confusing for new DJ candidates to choose the best piece for themselves.

We are not going to discuss brands or models in detail here today. What you first need to know is if you will use a computer software to perform or play with a stand alone USB storage controller.

There are advantages and also disadvantages for both devices and platforms.

Let’s start with computer DJ mixing software like SERATO, VIRTUAL DJ or TRAKTOR.

Using a computer for DJ mixing mainly requires a fast and healthy laptop. Most pro DJs prefer MacBooks as the operating system is more stable than PCs.

A stalled computer or even a small hick up is something you definitely wouldn’t wanna go thru on stage, believe me. PC laptops are more likely to put you in that situation.

So, we can count this as a major disadvantage while mixing with software.

If you absolutely insist on taking the Laptop way, we suggest that you get a Macbook running on the table.

Although major brands improved their products and minimize any negative operating issues with their software, I still wouldn’t totally count on any. No matter what you use, always have a plan B at your gigs (second set, CD players etc).

Now, we will take a look at the other goodies for DJ mixing which are DJ USB storage controllers.

I personally owned and used USB Media controllers for years and rarely had problems even at long-lasting gigs.

This is how they work ;

You connect your USB storage device (USB stick, external HDD) directly to the controller and it reads all the database that you prepare before, using their special software and loaded on the storage.

Doing this enables you to search and find any song almost instantly in your library.

There is a firmware installed on your device designed and coded only for the purpose and does not act up on you because of a possible conflict. It is not an operating system, just a firmware specially created.

Setting up at a gig is easier this way in terms of space occupied in the DJ booth. Keep in mind, there will be already stuff connected in any DJ booth at a club and they will occupy most of the space.

Fewer pieces you have, better for you !

Compared to DJ mixing software, stand alone USB media controllers might have less functions and creativity and we can call it a disadvantage I guess.

After starting to DJ, as time passes, it gets a bit hard to change your libraries, databases or any other tools you use to adopt a different system or style.

It is best for you to make a decision at the beginning and stick with it, so you can improve yourself and total control your equipment.

So, tell us which setup is best for you ? Software or USB Media ?



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