Wedding DJ

If you intend to be a professional DJ and make a decent living, I’d suggest you consider going into wedding business.

This is something nobody is hesitating to spend money and a sector that you get the most out of what you deserve.

I understand, you may think that being a club DJ is way cooler than playing music at weddings which are basically formal family affairs. I don’t oppose to it. Having much fun while doing your job sounds like the right way to go.

I can also hear you saying ” DJ’ing at weddings must require some investment and that means money “. That’s right.

To be able to perform at weddings, you need to have a sound and possibly a lighting setup.

What else do you need ? Microphones, cables, a table and a DJ front board, a tuxedo or a nice suit, etc. Oh, I forgot transportation. A decent size station wagon, a van or a pickup truck. I can count more. It sounds like too much hassle, right ?

Well, let me tell you, it is worth it !


Why A Wedding DJ


First of all, having a reputable DJ name in wedding business is a long-term high income opportunity. Every successful gig you complete brings you a fresh one. DJ fees are also quite high for weddings compared to bar or club gigs.

You can never get paid at clubs like you do at wedding ceremonies. I mean, six seven times more. Yes, you need to invest some money and have your own sound and lighting setup, but believe me, it turns back to you quickly.

I am not saying it’s easy as 1,2,3, don’t get me wrong. Being a wedding DJ takes more than just spinning tunes behind the decks.

You need to be as professional as possible, nicely dressed, well-behaved, able to make announcements (if not, get an MC to do that), always be on time. You can not really consume alcohol at weddings (I mean over your limits). Consistency and professionalism are the keys opening the success door to this business.

I will write a more detailed article about wedding DJs later on, but for now, please take my advice and focus on being one. At least think about it.




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