Have you ever performed in front of audience ? Or are you getting ready for it ? if you’re a beginner, then this article is for you.

I’m sure you have a load of questions and worries about being a successful DJ in your mind and one of them is how long you should play a track before you mix into the next one.

It’s not only about choosing the best songs for your gig and crowd, but also playing them at the right time and duration. Why am I saying this ? Let me explain.

We all know that an average person’s attention span is quite short nowadays, thanks to the lightening speed of technological changes and the ease they bring to our lives.

This also effects people’s sensing ability and patience level.

You can sit and listen a whole song at home while you’re doing nothing or if you’re on the road driving. But things change when it comes to social life and entertaining.

Music played for night life and entertainment has to be flowing, rhythmic, energetic and harmonic. That’s why DJs prefer remixed tracks because they have a higher energy level than the original versions.

In a previous post, I explained why we prefer remixed tracks. They are adapted to a different formation so that people can dance to them. Especially the intros and outros of original versions are either cut or modified. The whole purpose of this is to transform the song into a danceable version.

Does this mean a DJ can or should play the entire remixed track before mixing to the next one ? No.

Every DJ has their own practice habit and opinion about the duration of a song played during performance. Some play two, three, maybe others do it for five minutes.

I’m sure you will find out your own way by playing public gigs and experiencing it yourself. Let me tell you how long I play songs.

I always try not to drop the pace of music at my DJ performances, therefore keep mixing rapidly. Longest I play a song is about two to three minutes. This means after the second repeat of lyrics, I mix to the next one.

Why do I do that ? Because I realize audience starts losing their interest in that song and the distraction begins. I like banging the floor and hate seeing drops in energy level.

So, I advice all beginner DJs not to extend the duration of a song played and especially never play the entire song unless it’s a private event and requested from you.

As I said, once you start having your own gigs, you’ll find out the ideal length of a song to be played as a DJ.

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