The Secret Of Being A Great DJ : Harmonic Mixing


Camelot Wheel

Learn this before anything else if you decide to be a DJ ! We will explain you why in this article.

Imagine yourself at a club as a customer. The only thing you want is having a good time and how does that happen ? Good friends, good drinks and QUALITY MUSIC. What defines good music ? Well chosen songs, the timing of music composition and the skills of DJ, also the quality of sound system.

We said “well-chosen”. How will you do that ? Is there a technique you can use ? Yes.

Let’s start explaining what ” Harmonic Mixing ” is.

Harmonic mixing is a unique way of mixing songs and creating perfect DJ sets. It is used by every single world known top DJ. It’s a technique of mixing tracks in the same or close keys and eliminating key clashes.

” Key Clashing ” is something you really don’t want to have, since it kills the whole vibe of your gig. Everybody feels it when a song does not match the previous one sound wise.

There is a chart above called ” Camelot Wheel ” created by Mark Davis and it shows all major and minor keys in music. By using this chart, you create your absolute mind-blowing DJ sets.

How will you find out the keys of your entire music library ? Easy. You need two software programs. Mixed In Key and Tag and Rename.




Mixed In Key analyzes the key of every music file in your library and rewrites ID tags. Then you can organize them with Tag and Rename and sort in whichever way you want.

Start building your DJ music archive from the beginning with this technique. Otherwise, it’ll take a long time to reorganize all by going thru your entire collection.

We will not give you a headache by detailing Harmonic Mixing in this article, please visit Mixed In Key website here and it’s professionally explained.

Once you’re all set with organizing your tracks analyzed and tagged, test drive Harmonic Mixing. Play and record a DJ set or just play live to friends or at a gig and see the results. You’ll receive so much feedback from audience about how perfect you DJ, guaranteed !

So, don’t lose any more time. We know this software is not free. But it’s worth every single penny you spend on it. Start using Harmonic Mixing technique right away.

Happy mixing !



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