Our website is a little over a year old and we already published 62 articles for the purpose of sharing our knowledge and experience with passionate and determined beginner DJs and candidates like you.

In the past year 2013, our website welcomed almost 200.000 visitors. We want to thank all of you for your continuing interest and support to Digital DJ INFO.

Well, let me come to the subject of today’s post.

I would like to reshare and remind our readers the top 10 Digital DJ INFO articles we published in the past year. You may have missed some of them, so this is the chance to refresh your mind and read them again. Here we go, the list of most read posts of our website.


 No.1: Top 5 Free DJ Software

Digital DJ INFO searched and picked 5 free DJ mixing software programs for beginners without a budget yet or in need of self practice.

Our most popular post ever. We all like free stuff, don’t we ?

You will find the best free DJ software and their links for download in this article. Enjoy.




 No.2: Where Do DJs Get Their Music ?

It may seem easy to find what type of music you’re looking for as a DJ, but the fact is that you get lost in the crowd of all online sources.

We wanted to make it easy for beginners in the world of DJ’ing and searched for most popular DJ music sites and subscription services.





 No.3: Best DJ Controllers Under $500 In 2013

Almost 50.000 of our readers chose their controllers by visiting one of our website’s most popular posts. Our selection of 2013 will still guide you for your decision in 2014 too.

Are you looking for the best DJ controller which is not expensive, yet with quality and packed with pro features ? Then take a look a this article.





 No.4: DJ Schools Worldwide

This is actually a series of listing pages for DJ schools and courses worldwide. You can find the links for their websites by browsing through the continent, country and city sections. World’s first and only DJ school listing source !

You can also let us know of any DJ school website which is not on our pages. As long as they have web existence and a physical location, they are good to go. We’ll be more than happy to add them to our database.




 No.5: Best DJ Headphones Under $100 In 2013

Professional DJs know how important brand and quality is for the best performance.

This applies to every piece of DJ gear you own and use. Headphones are one of them.

You can’t use any pair of headphones as a DJ. They are specially manufactured and durable enough for heavy use.

Check out our article about the best DJ headphones you can buy for under $100.




 No.6: A Guide To Beginners’ Digital DJ Setup

Are you trying to figure how you will build your first setup as a digital DJ ? Look no further.

This article will tell you what needed for the first time, what you should do and how to do it.

Again, almost 20.000 of our readers clicked on this title. You can do the same for more information about a beginner’s digital DJ setup.




 No.7: Is Your Laptop Ready For DJ’ing ?

Are you sure your computer and equipment will get along on the way ? Is it possible to have a DJ gig without any conflicts and problems with your setup ?

This article tells you how you can optimize your computer for the best DJ performance with least problems.




  No.8: How To Choose The Right Songs For DJ Mixing

Harmonic mixing is a unique way of mixing songs and creating perfect DJ sets. It is used by every single world known top DJ. It’s a technique of mixing tracks in the same or close keys and eliminating key clashes.

If you want to know how you can choose the right songs to mix, read this article and find out.




 No.9: Free DJ Apps For iPhone And iPad In 2013

Being published in September, this article has been getting so popular and climbing our top 10 list steps rapidly.

Some of the apps on this list are totally free and some with in app purchases.

You will realize how powerful your IOS device is for DJ’ing when you try any of these apps. Read our article for more info if you haven’t already.




 No.10: How Much Does A DJ Make ?

Although it varies depending on what type of DJ you are and what country or region you work, we will give you rough estimates of DJ salaries based on US market conditions.

Another popular Digital DJ INFO post about how much you can possibly make as a DJ.





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