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Whether you just mix for fun in your house or decide to be a DJ and newly starting, you will need players, controllers and digital DJ software programs to mix music.

Best way to do this is professional tools with full functionality and features that you purchase. Of course a certain budget provides all.

Digital DJ INFO searched and picked 5 free DJ mixing software programs for beginners without a budget yet or in need of self practice before investing in equipment.

You can download and install any of them and use personally. Keep in mind, you are able to control the software with your keyboard also, but it’s not practical.

Below are our software picks for you to enjoy. Let us know which one you try and what you think about it with your comments.


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1. Mixxx


Mixxx | Digital DJ INFO


This is our #1 pick for you.

Mixxx is one of the best free DJ software you can find in terms of features available as a free edition.

These include integration with Itunes, MIDI support for most controllers, BPM detection and sync functions, Auto DJ, different skin choices, recording, broadcasting and more..

Please click here for more info and a free download of Mixxx.



2. Virtual DJ HOME Version


Virtual DJ | Digital DJ INFO


Virtual DJ is a world known brand name for DJ mixing software used by top DJs.

This free version carries most of the functions but does not support MIDI control which means you would need your keyboard to rule it.

Paid versions are good for use with controllers.

You can get more information and download it here.


3. UltraMixer


UltraMixer | Digital DJ INFO


#3 on our list is another trial version which you can use for 60 minutes and it restarts. It also has some function limitations.

Some of the software features are :

Graphical Waveforms

Auto Beat Matching

Digital Scratching

Seamless Live Looping

Mix Recording

Auto DJ With Crossfading

More information and the download link is here.


4. DJ ProDecks


DJ ProDecks | Digital DJ INFO


This might be a good choice if you just want to use it at home and practice since it is designed for keyboard control.

The software is compatible with WIndows XP, Vista and 7.

DJ ProDecks is totally free with no limitations. Features include but not limited to;  Three effects, memory banks and samplers per deck, complete mixer, equalizer, auto mix, sync and beat detection functions, resizable windows, ultra fast search.

It also has a customizable skin which you can put your name into it.

Go to their website for info and download.


5. DJ ProMixer


DJ ProMixer | Digital DJ INFO


DJ ProMixer offers a free edition with some limitations. It has interesting functions like converting and saving YouTube videos in mp3 format.

MIDI control is available with it so you can use most major DJ controllers with this software.

DJ ProMixer NB Netbook edition is specially optimized for netbooks which is a plus for people who have one.

Here is the link for more specs and free download.


We would love to see your comments about these 5 free DJ mixing software programs. Good luck all !



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