DJ-Controller-Audio-InterfaceChoosing a high quality DJ controller and deciding which one is right for you might be a tough decision if you are new to DJ’ing.

Besides its brand and model, technical specs also play a big role for the best performance.

In this article, I’ll tell you some about what audio interface is and how it effects a DJ setup.


What Is An Audio Interface ?


Basically, an audio interface amplifies and upgrades your computer’s sound output.

Regular headphones plugged into the computer might carry the music output on your ear well, but things change when it comes to connecting to professional grade sound systems for DJ’ing purposes. That loud sound suddenly “dies” on a huge system setup. I mean the output.

At this point, audio interface is a must if you use your computer and it comes either external or built into your DJ controller.

Is this the only reason you should be equipped with it ? Of course not.


What Comes With An Audio Interface ?



Let’s take a look at the picture on the right. A very simple example.

Numark Mixtrack II comes without an audio interface and uses your computer’s sound sources. This means headphones and any other input and output need to go thru either computer or an external sound processor.

On the other hand, Mixtrack Pro II which is the higher version is equipped with a built-in audio interface and has multiple input and output points both in the rear and on the side.

Why would you need those extra ins and outs as a DJ ? Let me explain.

During a live DJ performance or a recording session, a pro grade DJ controller gives you the flexibility of connecting your headphones for previewing, external audio sources like an mp3 player, a booth speaker or microphone input. All is done by the built-in audio interface on your DJ controller.

Another huge advantage of an audio interface is that the DJ software sends the audio signal to the controller to be processed which means less load on your CPU. Better sound quality and higher output.

Separate output sources mean separate volume controls too. You can adjust each channel with its own knob.


Most computers have a single sound input and output. Despite, DJ’ing requires multiple audio sources for in and out.

You can choose to buy a basic controller, but beware that it needs to be paired with an additional soundcard or audio interface.


Here is a short list of DJ controllers with and without a built-in audio interface.



DJ Controllers With A Built-in Audio Interface


Numark Mixtrack Pro II

Pioneer DDJ ERGO

Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

Denon MC 3000

Hercules DJ Console 4 MX

Vestax VCI 300 MKII


DJ Controllers Without An Audio Interface


Numark Mixtrack II

Numark iDJ Live II

Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2

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