Pioneer has a new DDJ family member called DDJ-SB.

This is good news for Pioneer lovers who look for affordable gear. The company is about to release this controller with a reasonable price and great features and functionality.

Let’s take a look at what DDJ-SB offers to us.

First of all, it is expected to have the same operability of DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR controlling Serato DJ Intro out of the box.

It will be your choice to upgrade the software to its full version for $129.

This new controller comes with a “world-first” feature called “Filter Fade”. What is filter fade ? Let me explain.

When it is on, you’ll be able to mix tracks using the crossfader by combining volume and high pass filter levels.

In other words, both volume and high pass filter levels fade in and out when you move the crossfader left to right.

You can also control filter levels with Manual filter knobs placed in the mid section.


Pioneer DDJ-SB 3

Another “new” on DDJ-SB is the play,pause and cue buttons. Unlike other traditional Pioneer controllers, DDJ has “performance pads” which play,pause and cue are included.

A first look might confuse you asking ” where are the buttons ?”. Yeap, they are there, right in the pad section.

This new controller has the BIG jogs like other DDJ members for fast response speed. Bigger they are, better control and feel.

Jog wheel plates are made of aluminum with a high-class look and design.

DDJ-SB is USB powered and has built-in audio interface. As the title says, it’s ideal for beginner and home DJs.

If you want the quality and features of Pioneer with an affordable price, wait a bit longer.

Pionner is expected to release DDJ-SB in January 2014 with a price of €249 EU and £199 UK.

In the mean time, take a closer look at it on Pioneer’s official product page.

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