DJs-Dont-Like-TheseDo you ever wonder what bothers DJs most on stage ? Or, as a DJ, did you ever think what you don’t like most ?

I’m sure all DJs can make a long “hate” list when they are in charge of the booth. So can I.

Playing music to an audience and trying to please all of them is a tough job. DJs concentrate (at least the real ones) on choosing the best tracks available for the time frame of the event and keep the vibe going and need to stay that way all night long. We get only 2 minutes or so between tracks to make it happen.

But sometimes, what we don’t like finds us.

Certain things really disturb DJs while performing and here is my list of those.


DJs Don’t Like It When ..


* There is a request for a hit song early in the night (we save it for later on).

* Someone asks us to get a hold of their coat in the booth.

* Glasses full of drinks fly all over our DJ equipment (they hold it but have no idea when it spills).

* Club owners tell you what to play or what not to.

* Somebody tells you to ” play something better ” (does not mean you’re doing bad).

* Dudes stand by you and ask million questions (keeping you from doing your job).

* Girls come to us and say ” play my request or I’m leaving ” … Sure ..

* People make irrelevant requests ( like asking for a rock song while you’re playing house ).

* Guys send girls to the DJ for a request, cause they are pretty 🙂

* We’re asked to plug and charge phones in the booth.

* Somebody tips a DJ with a “Dollar” for their request !!


You know what, I can count another hundred here. Instead, I’m gonna leave the comments open for this post and would like to hear the rest from you guys.

If not, I will have a second part later on for the next group.


Let’s go, write down in the comments box about what you hate most as a DJ.



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