As a beginner DJ, you probably start getting a gig at a local bar or a cafe in your neighborhood.

Playing small gigs, even being a resident DJ will bring a steady income to you, but most DJs would want to generate more cash flow.

There are certain proven ways of creating extra jobs that you as a DJ can earn a decent amount of money.

What are those extra money-making methods ? Let’s take a look.

Needless to say, I assume that you already know how to play a bar or club gig and aware of what to do and what not to. If not sure, check out our previous posts about being a club DJ and tips about being a good DJ.

First off, many DJs sell their mixtapes at gigs they play. We never recommend it as it is not legal. However, it looks like a true fact that there is demand for it and DJs generate income by selling their mix CDs. You might always get caught for it. So, try not to.

Instead, have your CDs with you as a giveaway and consider it like a promotion for your DJ brand. Believe or not, your DJ performance is your best advertisement. People like you by the way you play music.

Always have business cards handy. Stick one in your promo CD box. You never know who is listening to you.

I hear you saying ” Why are you telling this to me ?”. Let me explain.

Many people throw private parties at home or somewhere else and they hire DJs. That might be you one day. If you’re good at what you do, they will call you for their party. Best income for a DJ is those private events.

Another extra money-making way for DJs is weddings. I know, it takes a lot more than playing a bar or club gig, but hey, there is money in it. Much more than you can make at the corner bar.

You don’t need to spend thousands to buy PA systems and lighting. Find others who rent those equipment and they will set up everything for you. Or, partner a mobile DJ for your private gigs and share the pay.

You can also sell your branded stuff like t-shirts at gigs. It may also help make some cash.

Have an online presence like a website or Facebook page. If it’s a website, you can put ads on and it’ll bring you some extra income.

After all, try to turn your regular gig into a potential private event by following those above. If you make two at the club, you’ll get ten on a private one. Promote yourself as much as you can and be as professional as possible.

Good luck all !





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