DJ-Setup-With-No-DJ-BoothUnless you DJ at a club or bar, you may end up bringingĀ your own equipment to the venue and do a self set up if there is no DJ booth.

This is a major part of being a mobile DJ.

Let’s just talk about a simple house or garden party you book as a beginner or hobbyist DJ.

This place is obviously not a professional party or dance venue. Therefore, no sound or DJ systems installed.

You got a decent size speaker set and your laptop/controller combo. All cables and other necessary pieces checked and packed.

When you get to your party place, there is always somebody in charge of settings and organization, you need to find that person.

Before you start building your own DJ booth, there are important rules you need to follow.

What are these ? Let’s find out.



Positioning Your Setup

Where you place your setup determines how you can keep the dance floor under control.

Always make sure you locate yourself right in front of it. This way, you get to see audience and they see you.

Most cases, speakers sit on sides of your DJ setup. Being close to dance floor will make your sound stronger and more clear.

People always like to interact with the DJ. This is another reason you need to be close and reachable.


Power Outlets

Using extremely long cables for DJs is not really practical and also unsafe. You have to secure each and every wiring within your setup, so that people don’t trip and fall.

We don’t want to face lawsuits, do we ?

Before you start setting up, make sure there is a power outlet nearby. I’m not even mentioning if you have plenty of extension cords.

Same thing for speakers. Closer to you, safer they are.

One more side rule. Always have duct tape with you for your cables. Either gray or black. It sticks everywhere, even carpets šŸ™‚


Front Panel

I’m pretty sure you are provided with a table at a private party or special event.

If it’s a catering hall, this tableĀ is nicely covered with a cloth. if not, you may need to use a front panel to eliminate the unpleasant look of your cables and stuff under that table.

I personally have a professional DJ front board and bring it to weddings and private events.

No matter what, I use it. It’s black and looks nice, professional, also matches with my speakers’ color.

Don’t forget, appearance counts as well as the quality of your music.


Other than these primary rules to follow, using a laptop stand, having your wireless microphone, maybe adding some lighting to your setup would help you succeed as a DJ of private parties and may bring more gigs and income.



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