Pioneer DJ is expanding its native Rekordbox DJ product line (the R series) with two new controllers: DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR. They both are improved versions of DDJ-SB2 and DDJ-SR with more features inherited from the company’s higher end controllers.

It is obvious that Pioneer intends to create a whole non-Serato environment for its customers and make Rekordbox DJ software all dominant for its brand. Of course the software is only free with hardware purchase, just like these two new controllers.

Let’s take a look at what is new with RB and RR in comparison with the S series (DDJ-SB2 and DDJ-SR);



DDJ-RB has two significant changes compared to DDJ-SB2: number of performance pads and the dedicated Play/Cue buttons. There were 4 before, now 8 pads on each deck. Play-Cue buttons are separately placed and just like the pro-level controllers.



It also features ‘PC Master Out’ which enables you to connect your controller audio directly to your desktop speakers where there is no external connection to a sound system. You can still monitor your cue on the headphones.

As I mentioned before, DDJ-RB is designed and configured specially for the Rekordbox DJ software and seems like it’s not compatible with others yet.





DDJ-RR is the updated and improved version of DDJ-SR, also configured for Rekordbox. We see some additional features like larger jog wheels, more audio outputs (XLR) and the needle search strips inherited from the company’s pro level control units.



You also get separate LED volume level meters for both channels and the main output on the DDJ-RR. It was combined before.





These two new Pioneer DJ controllers will be available in May 2016 with $249 and $699 MSRP. For more information about DDJ-RB, DDJ-RR and other products, please visit Pioneer’s official website.




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