We all know that DJ controllers come with software included in the box. These are mostly the free, intro or LE editions which do not include the pro features you can get with the full or paid versions.

You don’t necessarily need to use the software you receive in the package when you buy a new controller. There are some really cool and fully featured DJ software programs distributed for free. Some of them are compatible with almost all makes and models in the market.

Beginner DJs may find it confusing which one would be the best for them and therefore can try these free ones and find out the best software.

In 2016, we selected 11 free DJ software programs that beginner and hobbyist DJs can try, for both Windows and Mac. Also for their mobile devices.

Here we go, best free DJ software for beginners in 2016 :






Mixxx is probably the most full-featured free DJ software you can find out there today.

It’s an open source software (which means you can add features to it) and includes everything you would need as a professional DJ while performing.

4-deck control, vinyl emulation, sample decks, effects, crates, auto DJ, recording and live broadcasting are some of the cool features Mixxx offers.

Supporting over 85 DJ controllers, Mixxx gives you comprehensive hardware control. In our opinion, this software has nothing less than the paid version of a top brand. Mixxx is also translated in 80 languages. Pick your own.

Click here to visit their official website and download.


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Serato DJ Intro


This is the free version of the most popular DJ software and the most preferred one by manufacturers. Major brands have controllers specifically designed for Serato. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Serato Intro is also provided with a lot of new controllers in the box and open to public use. Hardware support list includes Pioneer, Numark, Denon, Reloop, Vestax, Gemini, Hercules and Korg controllers.

Serato DJ Intro is one software you can perform without any hesitation.

Click here to get more information and download Serato DJ Intro.



Cross DJ Free


Cross DJ is provided to you by Mixvibes, a company offering different versions of DJ software for Windows, Mac and IOS / Android mobile devices.

The free version (Cross DJ Free) comes with some of the features which are 2-deck play, 3 effects, video mixing with effects, IOS remote support and iTunes support.

Cross DJ free edition does not support external hardware. You’d need the paid version to use your controller.

This is their official page for version comparison and download free releases.


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Virtual DJ


Virtual DJ is – no doubt – the most used digital DJ software in the world. Blended with years of experience, this is a program you can definitely rely on while you perform.

The company releases a free home edition which comes with all features and functions so that you can fully test it and enjoy non-professionally.

The only down side of it is that you can’t use your controller with this free version. Virtual DJ LE would be your choice in that case.

Please visit their website for a comparison chart explaining what you get choosing different versions and how you can download it.



PartyCloud / YouDJ


If you are OK with not using a controller and mix millions of tracks and remixes online, PartyCloud and YouDJ might very well be your choice. Both online applications act like a traditional DJ software and enable you to mix songs from SoundCloud and YouTube database.

We included them in our list, because we think beginner DJs might find it very useful to familiarize how DJ software works and practice when getting their first step into DJ’ing.

You.DJ also has a premium version which unlocks effects, samples, hot cues, beat sync, key lock and more. It costs only 4.90 Euros. This is a life-time subscription and you get all future premium features added. Click here to reach You.DJ.

PartyCloud is the parent version and still alive with a desktop application. You download it and mix music from your own hard drive. It also enables you to record and save your mix sets on your computer. This program can be used both online and offline.



DJ ProDecks


DJ ProDecks is another beginner level DJ software which you can only control with your keyboard. Other than that, it’s fully functional and free to use.

Version 2.0 includes features like recording your mix sets, auto mix, shuffle, scratching, effects, samples, advance track list and more.

Visit their website for more information and download.


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Blaze is a fully functional DJ software. You can use the free demo version with all features included for 30 minutes and then need to restart the software.

Beginner DJs can practice with Blaze at home and try it, then buy the Pro edition sold for 49.90 Euros if they like the software.

Blaze includes features like SoundCloud integration, timecode and MIDI support (for most DJ controllers), tempo and beat sync, effects, recording and more. Visit their official page for details and the download link.



DJ ProMixer


DJ ProMixer is free to use and very affordable to upgrade to full version. Let me explain.

You can download it and practice with all features included, but MIDI control and recording time is limited to 10 minutes. Then you need to restart the program. It would be useful for home use and self exercise.

Activating to full version is only 1.99 Euros.

What features are included ? Let’s see. Compatible with 80+ DJ controllers and Windows 10, download unlimited music from YouTube and save to your hard drive, six memory banks, advanced track list, auto beat detection, samples, effects and more.

Here is their website. Visit and see if it’s good for you.





You can try demo versions of UltraMixer with all features and functions enabled for 60 minutes per session. This software is also compatible with most DJ controllers. Features like YouTube support, web/radio broadcast, video playback and more are included in the full Pro version.

Please visit their website for more details and download links.





Yet another completely free DJ software for beginners and home use, but don’t expect to run it with your controller. No options for it.

KraMixer has been around since 2002 with over million and a half downloads worldwide. The company claims that the software runs with an advanced sound engine called FMOD which is also used by PlayStation and Xbox game authors.

It has features like auto BPM, effects, recording, looping and headphone cueing. You can get more info and download it by visiting their website.





Zulu is the 11th and last free DJ software on our 2016 list. It is provided to you by NCH Software. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and Kindle.

Good thing with Zulu is that it is MIDI compatible which means you can use DJ controller with it. It already has selected control devices integrated, yet you can map your specific controller on this software and run it.

If you choose Zulu as your software, features like real-time pitch and tempo adjustment, auto play mode, beat sync between decks, loops, effects and recording your sets will be available to you.

Visit Zulu’s official website for more info and product download.



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