The definition of DJ’ing is mixing tracks one after another harmonically and seamlessly to create a long set of music and the purpose is to entertain audience.

There are different ways of building these musical sets and I will tell you about two of them: DJ sets and live sets.

What does a DJ basically do ? Play songs from CD, vinyl or computer with smooth transitions and mix them.

And this DJ follows some techniques while performing on stage.

Equipment used is generally two CD players or turntables and a mixer.


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A Typical DJ Set


Our DJ mentioned above goes in the DJ booth and starts playing pre-recorded tracks using his players and mix them to jump to the next song.

An average of 3-4 minutes played from every track. He reads the crowd and chooses the best music possible for the audience to enjoy and dance.

Now, we call this a standard DJ set. Instead of creating a unique musical harmony with different elements, he only mixes songs that you already know.

Where do you usually listen to typical DJ sets ? Bars, clubs, dance halls etc.

So, the term ” DJ Set ” refers to mixing pre-recorded tracks on CD players or computer software without any other external sources.


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What Is A DJ Live Set ?


A live set is usually performed for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and involves different techniques and equipment.

We can say that the DJ produces his own music by means of effects, drum pads, software like Ableton which enables you to throw in loops and synchronize all with a fixed tempo.

This is a special talent and not all DJs can perform.

Imagine a DJ booth with four big CD players, a laptop, two turntables and effect processors.

Our talented big shot DJ touches every piece of this equipment to create a fascinating harmonic mix of musical elements, drums, effects, loops from original songs, vocals and so on.

What you hear on the other end is something you never did before, but makes you wanna dance all night !

Live sets usually do not contain or very little of original tracks or remix versions of them. It’s mostly a mixture of electronic sound effects and drum sets.

Now, next time you see a concert ad saying ” DJ Set ” or ” Live Set “, you will know what it means.



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