Best Budget DJ Controllers For Beginners


When it comes to choosing the right equipment for beginner or hobbyist DJs, making the right decision may not be easy. You would need to go the whole nine yards to pick the most suitable and budget DJ controller for your needs so that you don’t have to throw it in garbage and spend a lot of money again.

I owned and performed on many different brands of players and DJ control units in several years, therefore can easily tell if this or that brand would be a good investment if I decide to buy it. Its build quality and parts is most important for me. Cheap equipment doesn’t really make you a good DJ, let me tell you.

I listed 5 different digital DJ controllers from the most popular brands below (Pioneer, Denon, Numark and Gemini), which are known to make the best DJ gear on mother earth. They are all around or even under $500.

Keep in mind that all these controllers are the best sellers of each brand I picked for you. Here we go, 5 selected DJ control units that you can buy for a very reasonable price and own for a long time.




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