The path to a succesful DJ carrier goes through a lot of time and effort spent.

It may only be a hobby for you or a possible future profession. In any case, you eventually find yourself spending plenty of time on certain things regarding music and technology about DJ’ing.

Among key elements of being a good DJ, two of them come forward:

Practicing and searching for new music on regular basis.

Experienced DJs do not usually practice at home since they do this for living and play music all the time. On the other hand, music search is what every single DJ does and must do.

As a hobbyist or beginner DJ, regular and frequent practicing using your controller and software allows you to get familiar with your equipment and yourself.

You don’t have to spin music 5 hours every day. Try to practice at least twice a week for couple hours, so you can improve your skills and get to know your music tracks (it’s necessary to know where and how music starts in your tracks and how you can mix and create smooth transitions).

Searching for new music is a different story. It is something you do 24 hours a day, all day. But as a DJ, you don’t just listen to it.

Write down the names of new tracks you hear and like, otherwise it’s easy to forget them in seconds.

People tend to consume music much quicker than ever nowadays and this requires DJs to refresh their libraries constantly and add new tracks for almost every single gig they play.

If you want to become a real DJ and achieve success, please do practice as much as you can and follow and grab new music so you can be a step ahead than others.

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