You Know You’re A DJ When .. ?


You Know You're A DJ When... | Digital DJ INFOThis is a question we all ask ourselves in early stages of being a DJ. Taking the big step to perform in front of public needs some courage for sure.

Besides that, at least some basic DJ’ing skills and prior practice play a big role for you to stand there and go thru an entire night.

Let’s say you are already at some sufficient level that you can play a gig. Of course there will be mistakes made. Every single DJ, regardless of how experienced he is, has those little hick ups and makes mistakes while playing to public. It’s inevitable.

The question is how will you know you are a DJ good enough to deserve being in that DJ booth.

First of all, you mentally need to be ready for it. Relaxing and keeping your cool is the first step. Failing a mixing transition is not the end of the world.

If you prepare your track set for the night by carefully choosing the right songs and knowing what your crowd wants to hear, there’s no reason for them to be upset with little DJ’ing errors on the way.

Let’s make a small list of hints telling you that you’re really becoming a DJ.

You know you’re a DJ when..

  • You get rid of that initial stress 10-15 minutes after you start playing.
  • You start knowing what to play next without checking out the playlist.
  • The “Sync” button is not your #1 friend anymore.
  • Those 2-3 minutes between tracks start feeling like a lot longer.
  • Having fun while DJ’ing is a major part of your gig.
  • You know which deck is playing at the moment without looking at it !
  • You put loops and effects into your mixes.
  • Dancing and DJ’ing go together in the DJ booth 😉
  • Your ears can judge the sound and EQ levels between tracks.
  • Your eyes can pick your friends thru the crowd on the dance floor.
  • You don’t play any hit tunes early in the night.
  • You control your alcohol consumption in the DJ booth (trust me, it’s not easy !)
  • You don’t panic if you stop the active deck by mistake.

The list can go on longer. What we mean by all these is that you gain self-confidence and start seeing the big picture by practicing more and playing public gigs as much as you can.

What else tells that you really become a DJ ? Share with us in the comments.



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