It’s always a better choice to have a complete DJ software with features like recording live sets, mixing audio and video together which you can’t find in the limited editions.

I test drove CuteDJ and my overall impression is that the software is extremely responsive and packed with pro grade features. Nothing less than other major brands in the market.

CuteDJ has a 30 day trial period with all functions available. Both Windows and Mac users are good to go.

Below is a review of this talented DJ mixing software and you can buy it here.


What are the ingredients to becoming a great DJ? Talent plays an important role but without the right hardware no amount of dedication or musical taste can make you famous. Enter DJ software to remove the need of hardware for mixing. CuteDJ is just that – it helps you transform your musical ideas into reality.

Intuitive, fully featured and thorough, CuteDJ can create DJ mixes, karaoke tracks and even videos. The interface has an easy on the eyes look with professional tools and loads of effects and features to pacify both pros and novices alike. Besides, installation is a breeze thanks to its lightweight package.

Intuitive Window A typical DJ software usually features a crowded workspace or window, making it hard for novices to find their way around but CuteDJ tends to pack in all its features in an intuitive and ergonomic layout. Yes, at first any new software appears cluttered or overcrowded but in a matter of hours you will get the hang of all its nifty gadgetry and gimmickry. Best of all, browsing, adding or importing files directly off the hard drive or iTunes is a breeze. It even imports playlists directly from iTunes.

Search Unleashed

The search operation used by this DJ software is comprehensive and quick. It lets you quickly find files, add or clear current playlist, shuffle the order and even apply color tags to them. Unfortunately, it only comes with four colored tags namely, green, blue, red and yellow.

The Holy Grail

What good is a DJ software that looks great, feels easy if it isn’t capable enough? Let’s get down straight to the mixing abilities of CuteDJ. First and foremost, you get two modes – a manual mode and the AutoMix. The AutoMix mode is good enough for enthusiasts and novices, it teaches them basics of mixing and especially the capabilities of CuteDJ. On the other hand in manual mode, one’s natural talent or acquired skill set as a DJ does come into play. Regardless of the mode, mixing sessions can be saved as AIFF files to reuse or edit in the future. Unfortunately, it lacks support for other file formats so exporting may be a problem.

There is practically no limit on the number of audio and video files that you can add to your playlist and shuffling or randoming mixing them is super easy with CuteDJ. In fact, for those rare occasions when karaoke season strikes, CuteDJ can make MP3+G and CD+G tracks to use for bars, pubs, retail stores and restaurants.

The entire application bifurcates its interface based on tabs with three in total, one for audio, another for video and the last for karaoke. Each has its own set of options and lets you choose manual or automix mode.

Graphic Interface

An added advantage of CuteDJ over competing DJ software is the dual deck with beat grid and waveform display. This helps in accurately syncing the beat and tempo of two files to mix smoothly

or even cross-fade the two. Other features include the ability to adjust BPM, key and gain, load a max of three loops and a 3 band equalizer for each track being used.

As for audio effects, CuteDJ comes with a huge list preloaded that you can entwine with your playlist, individual files and even video tracks. From vinyl scratching to reverse playback everything you can possibly think of is present. It boasts phaser, flanger, echo, reverb effects and normalization of volume.

Learn Mode

No this mode isn’t just for novices but for pros as well. With the Learn mode enabled, the DJ software intuitively pops up alerts for shortcut key presses, information on various features and tools that can help take your mixing to the next level. Whether you are a DJ in training or a seasoned Pro, CuteDJ is a DJ software designed to maximize your inherent talent without the need of investing into expensive hardware as long as you have a more than adept computer at arm’s length and the patience to master the program.

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