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Any digital DJ controller purchased new is bundled with one of the major
software programs like Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato or PCDJ.

Some of them are specially optimized for the specific program in terms of hardware interface like faders, FX buttons and switches.

It makes it easy and convenient to set up your equipment and eliminates the hassle of mapping your device for the software and any possible conflicts or clashes.

Although software is included in your controller purchase and free of additional charge, there is a tiny catch in it. Depending on the model and price, it may be a LE or LITE or INTRO version of the program.

What does this mean ?

Most DJ control software has 2 versions. LE or PRO.

Digital controllers with less specs and lower price are usually equipped with lite versions of software. Some functions and features are limited or restricted on them.

Take a look at the specifications on the box when you search for equipment. Or read if you shop online. What software and version included is always mentioned for the product.

Lite versions obviously reflect on the price of the unit.

What are these limitations ?

LE or LITE versions are limited on some functions of the software like effects, sounds, recording options, number of decks you play on and so. This is what you need to consider when buying your new gear.

Will you need these limitations later on ?

All functions and features on your device and software might be in need if you plan to DJ professionally. Once you improve your skills and get ready to perform in public, you’d be looking for more variations and enhancement on your device and software.

Let’s say you get a package with lite version included.

Does this mean you will never be able to use those additional functions that full versions offer ?

Those companies give you the option of upgrading your software to full versions with some additional charge.

At this point, it’s your choice whether to buy a budget controller and upgrade the software later on or purchase the one with PRO full featured version and not deal with upgrading after that.

Assuming that you’re new in DJing, we suggest you get a beginner device, practice on it and improve yourself, then go upgrade depending on your needs. This way, you can lower your starting expenses and save for other pieces of your digital DJ setup.

Making a decision between versions of software doesn’t mean you win or lose. It’s always possible to upgrade and get full functioned.

So, tell us which one you choose or planning to ?



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