When you go to a bar or club, first thing you see in the DJ booth is a glowing Apple logo behind the laptop screen.

I’m sure many people wonder why. The answer is quite simple, performance and stability.

“MAC over PC” issue has been out there for a long time. What defines this preference is actually the OS that both computers run on.

Windows operating system is known to be more complicated and has a higher chance of crashing while running audio and video software since so much is going on in the process step.

DJ software processes audio signals and much more beyond that, therefore needs a stable OS to minimize hiccups on the way.

MAC OS is always the choice of professionals dealing with visual and audio, everybody knows that.

You can even DJ on an iPad today, thanks to the operating system.

I started my DJ’ing career using a windows laptop. Can’t remember how many times my screen froze in the middle of the night. Just because I used Windows, there was at least one backup source on my setup, connected to the mixer. Just in case.. Well, I guess I learned it the hard way back then.

Along with technology, computers and software improved a lot and today, you can comfortably DJ on a Windows-based laptop. Of course, as long as it is optimized for your performance. I wrote an article about how you can do that, please take time to read it.

Another reason DJs prefer MAC is the reputation of the brand.

An Apple product is always cool, needless to say. If you read my previous post about brand impact, you will know what I mean.

So, the bottom line is this. A Macbook is a better choice for DJ’ing in terms of operating system, reliability and performance.

If you don’t have it, it’s not the end of the world. Go ahead and use your laptop. Just make sure it is optimized.

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