Imagine yourself in a car race driving an old Beetle or a cheap hatchback. What are the chances you can win ? Zero I guess.

Now, think about riding in a luxurious and high-class, quality car. Everything goes smooth. Being behind the wheel in it directly effects your driving, doesn’t it ?

Same thing with DJ’ing.

I totally understand if you’re on a budget and can not afford the most expensive gear. That’s not necessary anyway.

I’m here to help new DJs and those who are just planning to be one, with the best advice for finding their way into our world.

It is a fact that equipment you own and perform plays quite a role on your DJ reputation and success. How ? Let me try to explain.

Components used to build a DJ device like buttons, knobs, electronic circuits and audio interfaces are the most important parts of that unit’s functioning. The way your “play button” clicks changes how you start your song. Faders, input and output locations on the device, all these define how you play and mix.

That’s what makes top DJ equipment expensive. Brands like Pioneer, Denon or Native Instruments use the best components available in the market so that they can build high quality and long-lasting products.

I personally prefer either a Pioneer or Denon DJ unit regardless of what it is, because I know I get the highest quality and best feel from that piece of DJ gear.

It is my choice. This doesn’t mean others are bad. Higher the price, better quality it is.

On the other hand, brands I wrote above are also prestigious. They have established themselves as top names in this game.

As a DJ playing on a Pioneer DJ setup would make you look better than using another less known name out there.

Just take a look at the DJ booth next time you go to a bar or club and see what they have. I bet it’s one of those brands.

Even some venues have policies about the equipment you can use there. They may say ” This or that brand only “.

So this is my advice to you. When deciding about your product brand, consider biting the bullet a bit and try to buy the better one. Maybe not the most expensive, but let it be that name. Trust me you won’t regret it in the future.


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