Do you think Pioneer DJ made any changes or added more features to DDJ-SB2 compared to its sister controller, the first generation DDJ-SB ?

I often get this question from my readers. They say there is almost no difference in price and they look so alike. They would be right at some point. You may not be able to see a visual change in both, but there is, in functionality.

Ok, so let’s clarify this. Pioneer DJ added four new features to DDJ-SB2 which didn’t exist on the previous version. Trim knobs, LED level meters, Pad Trans beat effect and 4-deck control. I find two of them extremely useful and even crucial for professional DJ’ing. If I don’t have those two on my controller, I’d have a serious problem 🙂 Trim and level meters.

Let me give you brief explanations of these four additional features that DDJ-SB2 offers:


Trim Knobs


A trim knob is used to adjust the gain of an individual channel on a DJ controller. Sound levels vary between digital tracks and you may need to equalize both songs while mixing. Almost every pro-level DJ controller has these knobs, regardless. DDJ-SB was missing them and now, Pioneer added this function to the new DDJ-SB2. Well done ! A real DJ needs the trim and uses it every minute.

Keep in mind that trim is never your first source of volume. You just use it to make minimal adjustments, mostly for taking distortion away or balancing both decks.


LED Level Meters


Another ” Must Have ” for me on the controller ! Just like the trim knobs, these level meters on both decks give you visual confirmation of the sound level from two tracks mixing. Two vertical lines of LED in the middle of mixer section light up according to the sound level. They may not be as sensitive as the ones on expensive controllers with 8-9 levels but this is quite enough, especially for this price range.

I, as a professional DJ, need the level meters to instantly see and make sure both tracks are the same level before I fire up the next song into mixing. So, DDJ-SB2 well deserves to be chosen against the older version.


Pad Trans Beat Effect


This is an exclusive FX feature added to DDJ-SB2. Pad Trans basically chops the sound with beat by triggering it on performance pads with different values. You can also color it with some filter adjustment.

It is one of the many effects Pioneer DJ integrates into its controllers. DDJ-SB does not have it.


4-Deck Control


Being able to switch between 4 decks with a single button is a real cool feature on a DJ controller. DDJ-SB2 and Serato Intro are coupled together to run 4 separate decks for DJs when performing. All you need to do is push the button on the sides of each jog wheel with numbers ” 3 and 4 “. When they are lit, it means you control decks 3 and 4. Otherwise, you’re on the first two.

Once this feature is activated, all controls on your device surface start commanding the referenced deck, so be careful choosing which deck you play on.


These are the four additional features on Pioneer DDJ-SB2 which you can’t really see at first look, but they make a huge difference on your performance. Pioneer DJ knows it and added them to their new generation beginner level controller.





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