I repeatedly say that equipment plays an important role on a DJ’s performance. Higher quality it is, better you DJ.

Some of us can afford to buy expensive gear and some don’t. Of course, price determines the number of features you get on your DJ controller.

Today, I want to explain you if your controller’s size is important and why.

Unless you need to be ultra-portable, I don’t advise anybody to go for really small-sized DJ gear, no matter what it is. When size shrinks, it means there are less components in it.

If you look at the most advanced and best DJ control devices in the market, you find that they are super heavy and big, like Pioneer DDJ-SZ or Numark NS7 II. They are huge and heavy.

I’m not saying that it is normal to carry a DJ controller over 20 or 30 lbs. around. My point is that there is a reason they are large with weight.

On a small-sized DJ controller, it is hard not to touch other controls around when you use buttons, knobs or sliders. There needs to be enough space between them. Especially during a live performance, unwanted incidents like pushing the wrong button by mistake and stop the music or blasting the volume and cause a speaker blow up are possible.

Besides that, you need to move your hands fast and therefore need to be comfortable on your control surface.

One more disadvantage of having a small controller is it’s appearance. A professional DJ should look well equipped with decent gear. This comes with decent size. If your DJ controller looks like a toy, then nobody will take you or your work serious. This is a fact.

The only major problem you may have with using a big sized device is fitting it into small areas where you DJ. Some DJ booths are narrow and have limited space to place extra gear.

I personally don’t mind the risk of it and would definitely find a solution in such a case where space is limited. I’d rather have my controller sizy with more features and controls.

So, don’t make a mistake and prefer one of those toy-like, small, tiny, hand-held controllers just to fit it in your hand bag. In my opinion, they are useless for enthusiastic and career pursuing DJ candidates.




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