The Good Side Of Two DJs Behind The WheelHave you ever performed along with another DJ back and forth at the same gig, or seen anyone doing ? I did it ! and it’s great. So many advantages of not being alone in the booth for five or six hours, all night long.

Let’s talk about a pair of DJs working together and spinning side by side for the same event. I was one of them for many years in New York. It may sound weird at first since you hear and read a lot about DJ hatred by DJs and how they can’t stand each other, get jealous and so on. DJ’ing is usually known as a one-man job but it actually turns your gig into a real success when two hands are on the setup.

I will explain you my reasons one by one which prove the advantages of double DJ gigs. Let’s begin 🙂




Second opinion or another pair of ears and eyes always lead to better. DJ’ing requires a lot of attention, focus and concentration. You yourself can not always be in good shape or state of mind to keep all those going. That’s when your partner comes in. He or she can observe the crowd much better behind you and come up with different ideas of music to pump up the vibe in the room.

Your tunes also inspire the other DJ and when he takes over, he will definitely know what goes better to play at that moment. He can even tell you to do it right away. See, two DJs can create a more successful set of music than only one. I personally experienced it.


Spare Time


You need to take a breath from time to time while playing for hours. Having a drink, going to the restroom, a little fresh air, maybe chat with a friend who comes to visit you … How are you gonna do that if you’re alone ? No way ! You are stuck. Well, I have good news for you, your DJ partner will do a half-hour set 🙂 How about that ! Sounds like heaven, right ?

Playing short DJ sets and switching with the other DJ clears your mind and gives you the chance to check the party to see how things are going. Get on thirty minutes and leave the booth for another thirty. It also brings your energy back and you can criticize yourself of what you did and how it worked out for you and the crowd. Taking short breaks is refreshing.

Oh, one more thing before I forget. You can also step on the dance floor and check the sound to see if it’s distorted or not. This is something you can never do alone in the DJ booth.


Emergency Response


DJ’ing can sometimes be stressful, especially for beginners. Your crowd would definitely put pressure on you if things go wrong in terms of music. More stress leads you into making more mistakes and panic. A second DJ next to you will take that pressure off you, believe me. Remember, I wrote about creativity at the beginning, two minds would respond to such a situation much easier.

You can also get technical difficulties during a gig. Disconnected cables, freezing laptop, bad sound, etc. We have a solution for that too, your partner. He can take care of them while you keep spinning.


Having More Fun


Your energy as a DJ directly reflects on your audience. They watch you all the time and flow along with you. I remember all those years I DJed together with my partner, we used to dance in the booth to the tunes we play 🙂 You have to enjoy what you do, before anybody else. Being two DJs create that vibe automatically. If you’re also really good friends, perfect ! Fun comes in the booth without invitation. Having fun means more energy and better DJ sets.


Less Work Load


I wrote about the physical work a DJ does before and after a gig in this article a while back. Two hands doing the same thing is absolutely less work for you and more time for other things. You will get tired at the end of the night. Packing all your stuff sometimes becomes a nightmare. Divide it into two and have your peace of mind. Not only at the end, do it all night long.


Most of you guys did not even think about teaming up with another DJ before, I bet. Well, think about it ! You won’t regret it.




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