Can You DJ Without Having Your Own Setup ?If you are reading this post, it means that you’re wondering if you can DJ without investing money in equipment and use the existing sources of the place you want to DJ. I don’t blame you. DJ gear is not cheap and takes quite a chunk from your budget when starting. Even after ! Let’s open up this question a bit and clear the clouds in your mind.

The answer is yes, technically you can, but things may be difficult for you. Let me explain why.

What you need for DJing is a setup including players or a controller, headphones, a mixer and a sound system. If the venue you have your gig has all these, then no problem, you can go ahead and spin your tunes from either CDs or your flash drives. Everything is fine up to this point. But the reality of DJing would force you to have your own setup at some point because of the reasons I will explain below. Everything is based on digital DJing, of course.




This is an essential part of your DJ setup in terms of organizing your music library, functions and features that you depend on while performing.

All DJs use a specific software today, either an independent one or a brand-released which operates on certain models, like Pioneer’s Rekordbox and Denon Engine Prime. Now, which software are you gonna use ? Is your software available at the venue ? Is the controller they have compatible with it ? Too many unknowns.

Your software collects data from all music tracks and stores them, so that it is instantly available on your screen once you load the song. Waveform, BPM data, cue points and so on. My point is that you are bounded to the software and it has to be there when you DJ.




Even though digital DJ controllers are similar in principle, there are differences in layout, functions and size among all of them. You may be used to play on a Denon MC7000 but the venue has a Pioneer DDJ-SX2  or a Numark NS6II. You get there and start spinning tunes, all of a sudden you realize buttons and knobs are placed in different spots. You accidentally press PAUSE instead of SYNC ! Whoops … You really need to be familiar with your DJ control device as well as software.




Whoever says he knows it all and doesn’t need to exercise, lies. Every DJ has to practice. Even for fun. When at home or our small studio, we get behind the wheel and mix tracks for trying something new or finding good transition points on a new track. We need our controller, our software handy all the time so that we can prepare and organize our music library, add new songs, get them analyzed. And we bring them all to our gig. That’s how it works.


Extra Work And Income


Ok, so you are all set at the bar you DJ. They provide all the gear for you and you just go there with your thumb drives. Software is on your personal computer, you prepare whatever is needed there, problem is solved.

What if you are offered a gig at a private party which pays really good ? Customer comes to you at the bar, he likes your music and says ” Can you DJ at my home party next weekend ? “. ” Sorry man, I have no gear, this setup belongs to the bar and I am not able to do it, because I am not a self-equipped DJ “. Very sad. The extra income flies out the window. Don’t laugh, it happens 🙂


Folks, I understand that you’re tight on budget and trying to make it easier money-wise. But you end up buying your own gear at some point because of all the reasons I tried to explain above. Sooner you do it, faster you make good money with DJing.



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