Should You Mix Different Genres When DJing ?You may be a new DJ or planning on being one and have this question in your mind, ” I like this genre and love playing it, should I build my music library on it and strictly DJ with that style ? “. Important question, cause it will determine your success in this business. Before you decide, you should think about regular people going to bars, clubs and see what they like and dance to.

I’ve been a DJ for many years and never seen a crowd asking or enjoying only one style of music all night long. I really try to understand DJs sticking to a specific genre and insisting on playing it. Let me tell you guys, it just does not work !


Why Not Just One Style

Unless you get a gig at a rock bar or a trance club, there will always be a huge mix of folks from various demographics in front of you. They will enjoy all kinds of music and demand it. Every DJ experiences feedback from audience during a gig, whether they like your tunes and thank you, or ask you to change it. Why should you face with that kind of reaction forcing you to switch to something else ? Be prepared and do it from the beginning.

A real professional DJ should have different genres in his music library and play them when DJing, this is what I strongly believe. I have always been diverse in my music selection and saw that it makes the crowd extremely happy.


A Simple Example

Let’s say you get 500 boys and girls in the room. One-third of them like house and EDM. Another one-third enjoy hip hop, R&B or reggae and the rest prefer disco or classics. If you do only one, make sure the others will invade your DJ booth. Instead, you can spin half hour sets of everything mixed and satisfy every single person dancing to your music. Once they get their favorite tunes, they wouldn’t mind listening to other styles until the next round.


Energy Of Tempo Change

Another advantage of mixing different genres is that you change the tempo regularly. A human brain can not absorb the same routine after a certain amount of time. It drops the energy level dramatically. Jumping to a different style and rhythm automatically wakes people up and refreshes the vibe on the dance floor. This is a must if you want to be a successful DJ.

Commercial public bars and clubs require a good and steady income and the establishment will ask you not to break hearts. Mixing different styles is the way to do it.

Besides all of that, spinning various styles can also improve your DJ skills, because you get to mix with different beats and BPM. So, my advice to you, collect everything in your library and load it on your decks. People will love it !



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